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    Riley Hae present! *salutes*

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    ○ Baby sprout ○

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    Riley Hae present! *salutes*

    Post by Fiorellify on Mon Jan 08, 2018 3:02 pm

    Hello everyone! I'm Fio but on Nikki I go with generated name Riley Hae cause I'm all about that roleplay and drama hehe :'D

    I'm 22 y.o. and from Czech Republic (or Czechia but I hate this recent renaming lol). I have a funny accent and if you catch me writing long-ass difficult sentences, yes that's probably me trying to translate everythinyg precisely as it comes to my head bounce , I apologise in advance O:) . I'm trying to study informatics but I'm currently long-term sick so it's been a while since I last programmed any properly, but when it comes to technical things yep, I'm your girl, pretty much...yes.

    Almost all my hobbies circles somehow around music. I played flute for almost 8+ years and playing bass for one year, my dad builds custom guitars so I also attempted to play that several times too Very Happy I'm a music snob having lot of musical friends and I really wish to join a band or at least an orchestra but there isn't any nerby T_T. I love to sing, srsly, I Like a Star @ heaven  LOVE Like a Star @ heaven to sing. I really like to work on my voice and god, my neighbours must hate me, I do that a lot.

    I am a huge fan of Hello!Project, the japanese idol company. I am a member of it's cover group project on Smule karaoke app (together with Maïka and Ayami ^^) and sing my heart out on daily basis there. I listen to a lot of kpop/jpop too but as a musical freak I happen to listen to basicaly everything that is instrumentaly interesting Very Happy Jazz, funk, ska etc. I'll take all of that please.

    As I'm intrested in lot of things japanese and korean I'm trying to learn those languages but I think I'm not dedicated enough lol. I strugle with katakana and hangul a lot but for the record I think I do understand a lot of japanese I'm just lazy to handle an actual grammar Very Happy

    Since this forum is about a styling game should I talk about my fashion quirks? They are quite dissapointing tho since I'm a 100% pants person Very Happy. Seeing me without basic tanktop or hoodie on is like seeing me bald, tho I do like to watch asian trends especialy the cool 'girl crush' kpop stuff with shoulders off and straps and so on Very Happy I don't really own much clothes and the most interesting pieces or skirts are mostly me playing idol and having it as a costume only T_T. But srsly if my self-esteem wasn't in ruins and it was socialy acceptable I'm dressing myself fantasy style. I'm not even kidding I like this genre so much I read a lot of fantasy books I play a lot of fantasy games and listen to simmilar themed music if I could go to Middle-Earth and leave everything behind *bye*. I wish there was any fencing/sword-fighting club nearby that accept girls because that would be my dream come true. I freak out about swords, weapons, armors and warrior inspired stuff, all things tagged medieval, pagan, bohemian, traditional, ethnical, fantasy, fairy, dreamlike...*out of breath*
    Anyway if you're still not getting the picture here is my old weHeartIt account that explains my aesthetics ^^^ just fine Very Happy

    With that being said it is obvious I incline towards North and Wasteland out of the 7 Nations the most Very Happy. Too bad they have so little items ;;;

    And that's probably it yall :'D. I hope this mess of an introduction only tells what a fuzzy person I am, actually don't read it pls :'D.

    Nice to meet you all! Yoroshiku~  Like a Star @ heaven  Like a Star @ heaven  Like a Star @ heaven

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    Re: Riley Hae present! *salutes*

    Post by Maïka on Fri Jan 12, 2018 1:03 am

    Wasteland is the beeeeest one in my opinion

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