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    Hi! I'm LilyRose

    ○ Baby sprout ○
    ○ Baby sprout ○

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    Hi! I'm LilyRose

    Post by LilyRose on Mon Jan 01, 2018 5:21 pm

    Hello! I'm a writer from the US and I actually named my Love Nikki character after a pair of twins in a story of mine, so neither Lily nor Rose is actually my real name (I'll answer to either though, I use Rose a lot online). I'm 22 and currently working in a bakery, I just graduated college last spring and I'm planning to move states in the next few months!

    I love writing, reading, puzzles, board games, hockey (Penguins and Sharks), webcomics, baking, and my cats (Furiosa, Poppy, and June). I'm really into horror and sci-fi in particular when it comes to media.

    I'm kinda bad at talking about myself so I'll just leave it there, nice to meet you all!

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